Fangible V2 Goes Live

June 2nd, 2021 — We are happy to announce the long-anticipated release of Fangible V2 — the open NFT marketplace of the new generation powered by Bounce. The official version of the platform went live today at

With Binance Smart Chain as the primary chain of the platform, Fangible will shortly be introducing the ability to mint NFTs on multiple chains including Ethereum and Huobi ECO Chain. Users of Fangible will also be able to access these features via a mobile version.

Focused on the ease of use and smooth user journey for artists, Fangible aims to create a Shopify-like experience for NFTs with the lowest fees on the market. Compared with V1, V2 adopts a more artistic and clear UI design with a great leap in processing speed, offering a smoother and more enjoyable user experience. Meanwhile, mobile optimization is another highlight of V2, marking that Fangible users now can have access to NFT collectibles minting and trading at their fingertips. The second release of the platform featuring new market and brand pages, as well as two auction types, is taking us one step closer to this goal.

V2 also brings emphasis to the identification of our NFT artists by introducing the Follow function and soon we will also integrate a verification system to demonstrate special status of some recognized artists.

Fangible has been committed to creating an open marketplace where everyone can easily mint and buy NFT items, but as the market is now focusing more on the investment value behind NFT items, it is also our task to build a channel that gets outstanding artists and valuable NFTs in front of investors. With the above-mentioned features integrated, Fangible artists will be earning more clout, which will also be conducive to the platform’s development.

Fangible positions itself in the collectible trading market in the current stage and it now supports two NFT formats, video and image. We will scale to more formats and fields in the future, as our mission to promote the free trading of a digital world will stay unchanged.

Fangible V2 introduces even more exciting features:

  • Featuring an intuitive, simple and clean UI, Fangible V2 lists NFT items in a way that is overarched by market and brands, allowing collectors to explore and buy artworks with ease.
  • NFT & Brand creation & Listing flow for artists has been greatly optimized. Uploading and selling artworks on Fangible is just a few clicks away.
  • V2 offers more new and secure wallet options, including WalletConnect, imToken, Math Wallet, Trust Wallet and Huobi Wallet. You can always find your favorite wallet to interact with Fangible.
  • Fangible V2 is mobile friendly now. Users can visit and interact with the website on the go. Never miss any excitement on Fangible.

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